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K9 Activity Tracking System - KATS - Latest Release March 8, 2016

When record keeping is critical you need a system that has been created by someone who knows every aspect of K9 training and deployment. You also need a record keeping system that is designed for liability protection and has a proven track record in court.

Eden Consulting Group has once again reinvented K9 record keeping with our KATS Generation 4 Law Enforcement software package! Over two years in preparation and development has once again produced the most technologically advanced canine management record keeping system in the world.

We have provided quality canine training and support to law enforcement since our founding in 1986 as the K9 Academy For Law Enforcement. Re-developed with the creation of the International Police K9 Conferences in 1991, we have made it our mission to provide the best in law enforcement training and services. We strive to be on the cutting edge of law enforcement K9 training and K9 software technology breakthroughs. We achieve this by knowing the diverse needs of law enforcement through our own experiences and by listening to the needs of our fellow officers.

Liability Protection

K9 Officers are susceptible to liability concerns most other law enforcement professionals never have to worry about. Record keeping is vital and management of your training and deployments can make the difference between success and failure in the courtroom.

As professional police K9 trainers and facilitators of North America’s top canine training seminars, we understand these concerns. KATS (K9 Activity Tracking System) law enforcement K9 software is developed with input from hundreds of officers in the field as well as our in-house professionals and attorney who provide us with the latest in litigation concerns, keeping KATS a step ahead of potential liability concerns.

KATS was the first canine software system on the market and for years has maintained itself as the industry leader in K9 record keeping.

KATS is the most robust and advanced standalone canine software on the market today. You do not need to own other products such as Microsoft Access in order use the system. In fact, not only is KATS the original K9 management database system, it has become the industry standard k9 software. Take the time to try our full working demo before you purchase. It can be downloaded directly from our website.

We encourage you to compare it to any other system on the market. Once you have had an opportunity to see what KATS has to offer, we know you will agree that it is one of the soundest investments you can make for your agency and officer peace of mind.

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