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Eden K9 Consulting & Training Corporation is a team of police professionals dedicated to the training and advancement of dogs in law enforcement.

Eden Consulting has provided quality canine training and support to law enforcement since our founding in 1986 as the K9 Academy For Law Enforcement.  Re-developed with the creation of the International Police K9 Conferences in 1991, we have made it our mission to provide the best in law enforcement training and services.  We strive to be on the cutting edge of law enforcement K9 training and K9 software technology breakthroughs and we achieve this by knowing the diverse needs of law enforcement through our own experience and by listening to the needs of our fellow officers.

Most well known for our development of the International Police K9 Conferences held throughout North America and attended by officers from  around the world, Eden K9 Group first developed the K9 Activity Tracking System in 1992 for my personal use as a handler and was initially shared with other agencies in response to inquiries from officers looking for an  efficient method of logging their training and deployment stats.  Now KATS is used by over 1500 law enforcement agencies with an estimated 8000 users world wide.

This new online version of the K9 Activity Tracking System, KATS Platinum, is bristling with new technological advances, new functionality, an extended reporting system  and has been developed with the main focus on making it simpler for officers to use in order to reduce their input time, while at the same time increasing its capability.

Eden Consulting Group prides itself in being on the cutting edge of everything needed to make a K9 officers’ life better in the field both in technology and K9 training.  Take KATS for a test drive and see why we are still the cutting edge of technology in K9 software.

KATS was the first system ever created for law enforcement K9 record keeping back in 1992, and has been the gold standard for K9 Management programs. We developed the first products to serve the law enforcement community, and our system still consistently leads in every category among all our competitors.

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As a police officer for 28 years, a K9 handler for over 16 years and a dog trainer for over 40 years, I appreciate the value and protection afforded law enforcement agencies and dog handlers by a good record keeping system.  There is no more valuable asset available when you are faced with a  potential liability than an accurate record of your training and  deployment statistics. Since 1991 we have been providing training conferences throughout North America and we have drawn from the input of individual officers to continually enhance and upgrade the KATS system to accommodate your needs.  KATS has been developed with the input of hundreds of officers and agencies which has made it the industry standard.  I’m dedicated in continuing to maintain KATS as the industry standard.

R.S. (Bob) Eden

President - Eden Consulting Group
Author of K9 Officer’s Manual, Dog Training For Law Enforcement
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Eden Consulting Group
Ph: 403-569-6822

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Robert (Bob) Eden
CEO Eden Consulting Group
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