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For those of you familiar with past version of the K9 Activity Tracking System you will find that the structure of the system has a similar feel to previous versions of KATS, however we have advanced the technology keeping the practical uses of the system in mind and literally re-invented the interface to create a system that was dynamic yet easy to use.  Many of the input screens have been designed to reduce the amount of keyboard input required.

Below you can view various entry screens to get an idea of how the system functions and see the benefits of the design behind KATS. Click on each tab to view a few of the various screens in the system.  If you feel you would like to log in and try KATS for thirty days to see if it meets the needs of you and your agency it’s as simple as logging in using your email address and creating a password for access and following the registration wizard.  We invite you to try KATS Platinum free for 30 days. No credit card or payment info is required for the trial.  KATS Platinum has nothing to download and install on your phone.  You simply log into the system online and start using it immediately.

Navigation & Incident Screens - Deployment records for K9 case files.

  • Home Screen

    Home Screen

    The opening screen of KATS brings you immediately to your Upcoming Events notifications on the left side of your workspace and the current weather conditions for your geographical area.  By Default, the menu is on the left side of the screen, however with the new powerful interface you can choose to have your menu located at the top of the screen, adjust how your workspace appears and even change your active working space to full screen at the touch of a button.

  • Upcoming Events
  • Layout Options
  • Add Table Entry
  • Incident Input
  • Activity
  • Persons Report
  • Use of Force

Training Records

  • Activities

    Training Activity Time

    Each Training Record in the system can include multiple Activities. For example, you may have a single 8 hour training session, however within that Training Session can be included multiple Activities, such as a Narcotics Search, Bite Work, Tracking, Building Searches and so on. Activity times reflect actual nose time of the dog, while the training session reflects on the hours spent for the entire training day.


  • Training Objectives
  • Handlers/Trainers Comments
  • TATS

Vet Records

  • Treatment Details

    Vet Screen

    The Medical Records section of the system is beneficial in that it provides reminders as to when your vaccinations are due and it can be used to document vet expenses. The details can be entered by the officer, a supervisor or other designated person and is invaluable to draw on when preparing annual budgets.  It also provides a vaccine tickler system to remind you of upcoming vaccinations or when your dog’s annual check up is due.



  • Vaccinations
  • X-Rays & Photos

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