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Apple Compatible iPhone®

Here are a limited number of examples of how the system looks on your Apple iPhone®.  There is no App required. You simply log directly on through your intranet, or via the internet at and start using the system.

KATS Police K9 Software iPhone Home Screen

KATS K9 Software  iPhone Incident Entry Screen

KATS K9 Software iPhone Calendar Entry Screen

KATS opening screen.  Displays the most common user selections and your upcoming events.  More selections can be accessed via a drop down menu by touching the icon with the three horizontal lines in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
The Incident entry screen comes up with the first few entries visible. To continue to input into the device you simply scroll up using your finger to slide the screen to the next area of the screen.
A number of entries into the system such as dates and times are simply touch to enter.  To submit a calendar entry simply touch the calendar and select the day.

K9 Software Incident Activity

KATS iPhone Incident List Screen

KATS K9 Software iPhone Incident Summary Editor

KATS Incident Activity entry table screen.  Displays the list of Activities for a particular Incident you are working on.  You can have mutiple Activities for every Training or Incident record and this is the true power of the system.
Incidents Table. This is a list of all incidents in your system. The red bar denotes a file that has been submitted to a supervisor for approval. Once approved the file is locked permanently and can only be reopened by a supervisor once secured.
Incident Summary Screen. The summary is simply a short version of events.  Very practical for printing out shift details for briefings.  More significant details of the events are found in the Narrative portion of the system. Both have robust editors.

KATS iPhoneTraining Entry Screen

KATS Vaccination Records

KATS X-Ray Record

Training entry screen. Here you select the training profile from your pre-filled table and submit the details of your training routines.  Every table in KATS is entirely customizable by the end user and new entries can be added on the fly without exiting to a table screen.
Example of a section of the Medical services input screen. When you attend your vet for annual vaccinations and enter the date they were completed the system automatically sets you up with reminders for the next time those vaccines are due.
Photos can be uploaded in the Vet, Incident and Training modules.  Here an X-Ray is recorded. On a larger comupter you can tap on the picture to separate it out and look at it alone, full screen, manipulate it to make it larger or smaller and even turn it to view from different angles.

KATS Layout Options

KATS K9 Software Google Skin

KATS Layout Tactical

KATS Platinum gives you the ability to change how your system appears.  On your phone, you can select layout options that will allow you to change the colors of your screen.
This is an example of the user selecting the Google Skin template colors. On a standard computer, you can also manipulate the location of your menu system.
While not vital on a phone, you can also utilize the Tactical template to darken your screen when working on night shift.

KATS Software Upcoming Events

K9 Software Agenda

KATS Training Collaboration Screen

Upcoming events are up front and center on your home screen. They appear just below the navigation buttons. Using your finger to scroll up, you can access the entire list of upcoming appointments, court dates or any other priorities you have scheduled.
You are also provided with a daily agenda that provides hour by hour appointments.  These will also show up on your Upcoming appointments main screen to ensure you don’t miss any important appointments.
Training Collaboration is a powerful tool, and provides you with the ability to share training objectives with others in your training group.  A special KATS trainers version is available free of charge for all Vendors so they can connect with trainees using the KATS Platinum system.


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