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1.  What are the minimum system requirements for the K9 Activity Tracking System - Platinum Edition?

KATS Platinum is fully functional on any Smartphone with any operating system that has an internet browser, including iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows based phones.  It is also fully functional on any Windows or Apple based computer, including Tablets and iPads.

2.  Is using the KATS Platinum system online secure?

Yes, When you Access the system at you will see a small lock icon in your browser address line. This is your assurance that you are on a secure connection with encrypted communication using SSL Certificates that provide the strongest encryption available, using 2048-bit and SHA-2 between your computer and the KATS servers.  Further, it is important to note that we are not hosting on cloud based servers, but on our own dedicated server system.

3. How secure is your Server location and what protections does it offer?

Secure facilities with a two-stage biometric authentication process, video-monitoring and individually locked cabinets. Key certifications include PCI DSS, ISAE 3402 Type II, SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type II and CSAE 3416 Type II certifications.

4. What are the key features of your data server location?

Fire Protection - Two-stage, pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system and/or gas suppression (extinguishes fire without water).
Power Backup - N+1 power redundancy, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems, and high-capacity diesel generators.
Redundant Cooling System - N+1 cooling redundancy, computer-controlled compressors, humidity  control systems, hot aisle/cold aisle containment and perforated cabinet doors for enhanced temperature control.
Network Reduncancy - Fibre Optic network includes fibre routes with  connectivity to key network access points in the U.S. and overseas. The network is provisioned with extensive peering and Tier 1  transit providers.

5. Can my agency host KATS Platinum on it’s own servers?

If preferred, agencies can request a KATS Platinum solution that is hosted on their own servers. Each installation would have to be evaluated to determine pricing.  Call us to request a quote.

6. Can I migrate my information from my current KATS system to the new KATS Platinum?

The short answer is no.  KATS Platinum will require you to start fresh.  Migration was considered during development, however as development progressed we found ways to streamline the system to make it more intuitive and easier to navigate. As a result a number of new tables were designed and relationships changed.  For these reasons it was decided not to migrate from the older versions of KATS.

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