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KATS Generation 4 Client Free Access Offer to KATS PLATINUM

Eden Consulting & Training Corporation is pleased to announce a new online version of the K9 Activity Tracking System.

On June 1st, we will be launching a new version of the K9 Activity Tracking System from our secure servers at

As a previously registered user of the system, you and/or your agency are being provided with a period of free access to the new system as follows:

  1. Agencies/Officers that purchased Generation 4 prior to May 1st 2016 will receive 3 months of free access to the new system.
  2. Agencies/Officers that purchased Generation 4 from May 1, 2016 up to and including December 31st 2016 are eligible to receive 6 months of free access to KATS Platinum.
  3. Agencies/Officers that purchased Generation 4 from January 1, 2017 up to and including February 28th 2017 are eligible to receive 8 months of free access to KATS Platinum.
  4. Agencies/Officers that purchased Generation 4 from March 1, 2017 up to and including May 31st 2016 are eligible to receive 13 months of free access to KATS Platinum.

Obtaining Free Months Of Credit – Registration Instructions

To be credited with the allotted time, when registering as a new user on the new KATS Platinum Wizard, you will be asked for your KATS Generation 4 License Number and your License Validation number.  You can use any one of the licenses that were registered to your agency, regardless of which Level of license you have. The system will check to validate the number and automatically credit you with the appropriate number of months for free access before applying any payments.  Once validated it will automatically fill in your agency name for you.  The system will also ask you for your Agency ORI if you are a law enforcement agency. If you do not know your ORI, you can obtain it from you agency dispatch center. If you find that the new system does not meet your needs, you can opt out at any time before payments are applied.

About KATS Platinum

KATS Platinum is a significant upgrade from all previous versions of the K9 Activity Tracking System.  It has been well over two years in concerted design and development.  The system has been streamlined for ease of use, can be used easily on any computer touch screen and is compatible with any Windows or Apple based computer including iPads.  It is also compatible with smartphones such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows based phones. Access it 24/7 on any system, anytime, anywhere.

The system is not an app and there is nothing to download.

Changes have been significant. Because you have been a previous user of the KATS Generation 4 system, KATS Platinum may have a familiar feel to it, however you will find it streamlined significantly, with many improvements to reduce redundancy and enhance user input. Significant is the new TATS (Training Aid Tracking System) functionality as well as our new Training Collaboration and Incident workflow with Supervisor oversight.  Files can now be securely locked on both the training and the deployment side of the system. Much of the system is now automated. As in previous versions of KATS almost every table in the system is customizable to the end user with our new “Add on the Fly” feature.

Reports have been rebuilt from the ground up and provide more flexibility with cleaner output. You can even export charts and reports directly to PowerPoint slides for use in presentations if needed.

What You Need To Know

The new system cost is based on per dog team, per month. This is necessary due to the ongoing design process and the cost of bandwidth. The system is deployed on a Virtual Private Server, not the cloud.  We provide 1 gig of throughput from our end and the system is secured by DigiCert SSL.

As a current or past user of KATS it is important to know that you will not be able to import your current KATS Generation 4 records into the new system. With the new design, table relationships have been changed significantly, and in the interest of ensuring we had consistency, it was decided not to create an import from the older format. Your KATS Gen 4 will continue to be supported if needed, as in the past, however we will no longer be doing any further upgrades or selling KATS Gen 4.

You can view the KATS Online pricing structure here.  With this launch of KATS we have set up multiple options for you to choose from so you only purchase the level of system you need. 

Any Vendors who wish to collaborate their training with users of KATS can register for free on the system. This will them to connect to KATS users during training sessions and help trainees manage their training activities.  The training side of the system has several significant enhancements that Vendors can take advantage of to assist their K9 teams.

For Agencies/Officers using the system, you can choose between the Full system, KATS Lite or simply the training side. Unlike the previous version of KATS you only pay what you are sure to use. If you select one version and wish to change to a more robust or reduce to a lighter level of the system, you can do so at any time.

The system has a small number of mandatory fields, this ensures that proper records are being kept. Periodically we receive requests for assistance from agencies who feel the records are not providing adequate information when the reports are being printed, thinking that there is something wrong with the report system when in fact the officers have negated to input the appropriate information.  This was most prominent in Training Session and Training Activity times. We collected information from the most common questions we received and made appropriate improvements and changes to make this system much improved. We have attempted to streamline this input, and at the same time have created mandatory validation checks to ensure this information is provided to provide you with the information you need when the reports are printed.

You can see examples of the system and how it functions by checking the Explore link on the site.

This software WILL protect you from liability and if used in an appropriate manner will provide valuable insight for trainers and K9 handlers alike. It will also provide the necessary information you need to back you in court.  In the end the information you receive will be incumbent on how well you document your training and deployments.

As a current or past user of KATS, we welcome you to experience all that KATS Platinum offers. We believe you will be impressed and see the difference between KATS Platinum and any other system available.   We encourage you to log into after June 1st , 2017 and experience the latest in robust K9 record keeping.

Best Regards, and as always, stay safe!

Robert (Bob) Eden

President – Eden K9 Consulting & Training Corporation