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Individual Purchases

Single users registering for their own version of the software can sign in and be up and running in minutes.  As you go through the process you will be given an option of a 30 day trial or to register immediately.  If you select the 30 day trial, no credit card is required, and the system will set you up for instant free access for the license type you have selected.  Should you choose to register immediately you will still be given 30 days free on top of your purchase, and an option will open for you to provide your credit card information.  Note: If you are a law enforcement agency you will need to know your Agency ORI in order to set up your agency information.  If you are the first person from your agency to register for KATS Platinum, you will automatically be provided with administrative access to the system.  At least one user within any agency has to have administrative access.  Any other users who wish to join later will need to register using the same Agency and Agency ORI in order to coordinate records.

Agency Purchases - Purchase Orders

KATS Platinum be purchased using an agency Purchase Order.  To do so, go through the registration process following the steps provided.  Once you have completed your registration, the system will tabulate the annual cost for your agency and your agency will begin it’s free 30 day evaluation period at that point. The system will remain fully operational during the time the purchase order and payment process is taking place and you will actually be receiving 13 months of coverage for the price of 12 months.

Methods of Payment - We accept Mastercard, VISA and Department Purchase Orders. The store checkout is via secure server. (Anytime you are connected to the KATS services as well as the payment processing you will see https:// in the address line which confirms a secure SSL connection.

Attention Accounting Department - Re: W9 FORMS - Eden Consulting Group is frequently requested to provide a W9 IRS form, however we are a Canadian business and therefore a W9 form does not apply.  Should you need an IRS form, you can download our W8-BEN form here.