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Aside from the default internal reports that KATS creates, the system is also able to export to the following formats:

  • Adobe PDF - Universally usable in all formats, PDF allows your reports to be read on virtually any operating system.
  • Microsoft Word - Excellent when you need to include statistical data, demographic reports, deployment charts in a report being created in MS Word. No need to cut and paste. Simply export the information to MS Word and include in your report.
  • Microsoft Excel - An excellent option when your agency is requesting specific data and you want to manage your information in a way that is unique to your agency.  Selecting the Excel button will bring up your report in Microsoft Excel ready for you to go to work.
  • Microsoft Powerpoint - Need a break down of your K9 Unit Stats for a management meeting?  With Powerpoint installed on the computer that you are pulling your reports from, the system instantly creates Powerpoint slides with a single click of the mouse. Simply select and generate your report in KATS, and select the PPT export function.  You instantly have Powerpoint slides to walk into your meeting with.  Excellent for converting the charts and graphs from your KATS data for easy presentation.
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Other report formats also included with KATS Platinum:
  • Rich Text Format
  • CSV Format
  • ODS Format
  • ODT Format

View some examples of our Reports as well as Charts you have the ability to create in KATS.

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